Vampire Life

I’m starting to wish Vampires were real. It’s such a silly thing to wish for and I have a silly reason for wanting it. Vampires don’t have to worry about time. They live forever or until they’re found out and killed or whatever. They can just pretend to be someone and then move somewhere else after a while. They don’t need to sleep. They literally have so much time on their hands and that’s why I wish Vampires were real. That’s why I wish I was a Vampire at certain moments. I have so many things I want to do, so many things I want to learn, so many story ideas I want to write, so many projects I want to create and so many books I want to read. But since I’m human I don’t have all that extra time so I have to pick what I want to learn and which books I’d like to finish.


Decisions, decisions, decisions

Life is full of decisions. Parenting is full of decisions. In life, whether you are a parent or not, you’re always questioning if you are doing the right thing. I’ve questioned everything I’ve done in life. There’s always the what ifs and the second guessing yourself. Right now I’m second guessing myself at trying to start a blog. I have no idea where to begin. The first few posts were easy to write because it’s something I want to remember. Now that I got them out of the way, I’m running out of ideas to write about. Part of me wonders if anyone even cares enough to read my posts. I feel like it’s probably nothing you haven’t read already. Part of me wonders if I’ll be to sporadic with my posts. I could write about a bunch of different things and not keep a theme. Would that be better? I have no idea. What do you the reader want to read about? What do¬†you want to know about me? Do I pose of any interest? Are there certain topics I should be trying to cover? Or should I just go with the flow and write whatever comes to mind. Decisions, decisions, decisions…looks like I’ll have to decide.